January 16 - February 9, 2020

Once upon a time, a group of writers gathered around a conference table in pursuit of the perfect untold tale: a story so epic, so truthful that it could change the world. From personal anecdotes to universal lore, from the mundane to the bizarre, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Annie Baker takes us down the rabbit hole of our own mythologizing in a fevered brainstorming session that ultimately questions not only what stories are left to tell, but why tell stories at all? The Antipodes is a darkly humorous and incisive look at the absurdity of the human condition and our relentless need to order our disordered world. 

Off-Book Date: Sunday, January 26



  • First Floor/Ground Level Entrance

  • Full Lobby Bar

  • 98-Seat Intimate Venue

  • Stadium Seating

  • Valet Parking at Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

  • Dinner Discounts at Hilton Garden Inn

  • Located in Front of Lafayette Train Stop

  • Area Ramp & Street Parking

  • Box Office opens 30 minutes prior to performances


General $39 Student $25 Student Thursday $5

Show Times

Thursday 7:30pm Friday 7:30pm Saturday 7:30pm Sunday 2:00pm


Starring Sean Cullen**, Cassie Cameron, Kristen Tripp Kelley*, Greg Howze*, Jordan Levin, David Marciniak*, Ricky Needham, Dave Hayes*, Adam Yellen

**American Theatre Master *RLTP Ensemble Member

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