April 23 - May 17, 2020

Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ trusty companion; Thomas A. Watson, assistant to Alexander Graham Bell; Watson, the unstoppable supercomputer Jeopardy! champ; and Watson, a Dweeb Team everyman. Four Watsons in three centuries unite to tell one tale in this playful, time-traveling drama about the foibles and frustrations of the human heart and the technology on which it increasingly relies. This 2014 Pulitzer Prize Finalist for Drama is “a meditation about what it means to be dependent on devices and also on other people…[it’s] just a different iteration of an ancient problem. When you’re dependent on another person or on systems you can’t understand, you’re vulnerable. It’s the human condition.”

Off-Book Date: Sunday May 10



  • First Floor/Ground Level Entrance

  • Full Lobby Bar

  • 98-Seat Intimate Venue

  • Stadium Seating

  • Valet Parking at Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

  • Dinner Discounts at Hilton Garden Inn

  • Located in Front of Lafayette Train Stop

  • Area Ramp & Street Parking

  • Box Office opens 30 minutes prior to performances


General $39 Student $25 Student Thursday $5

Show Times

Thursday 7:30pm Friday 7:30pm Saturday 7:30pm Sunday 2:00pm


Starring Matt Witten*, Kelly Copps, Steve Copps

*RLTP Ensemble Member

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